There are various ways of paying for an order that are selected by each Company and apply to its own products and are in the Special Terms in its registration while they also appear in the Shopping Cart.

The available payment methods in the Online Market are the following:


  • Cash on delivery: You pay the employee of the courier company with the delivery of your order at your place. In the product purchase process, the cost and the corresponding shipping costs are displayed in detail (depending on the area to be delivered and their total normal or volumetric weight). This way you know the total amounts for each order which in order to be completed you must also choose a payment method. The cash on delivery method is valid for all of Greece and charges the total amount of shipping (eg +2 euros + VAT = 2.46 euros) for the costs of managing the payment from Courier to the Supplier of the products, regardless of region delivery of products. The cash return of cash on delivery to the Company is made every 8 to 15 days depending on the date of delivery of the goods.


  • Inaccessible areas. If you live in an inaccessible area and the shipping cost appears increased you can choose to pick up your order from the nearest courier company to you, according to the suggested options so as not to incur the additional cost of the inaccessible area.


  • Payment by credit card (Visa, Mastercard etc.): You can pay for your order with your credit card (provided that the specific payment method is supported by the supplier whose products you have chosen to order). All transactions are made in a completely secure environment provided by Hellenic Banks themselves, and credit card payments are made with the most modern international security protocols and encryption of transactions. The payment is transferred directly to the bank account of the respective supplier at no other charge to the buyer and without other intermediaries.


  • Payment by bank account: You can deposit the money of the total value of your order directly in the bank account of the supplier (IBAN) if the specific payment method is supported by the supplier whose products you have chosen to order, via e-banking or deposit in a bank.


  • Pick-up and payment at the physical store: You can choose to pick up your order from the physical store of the supplier if this possibility is given and is stated in the Special Terms of each company. Make the appropriate choice or write it in a message in your order. In this case the calculated Shipping costs do not apply and you will only pay the value of the products and their VAT.