Kakkavos Estate is a Greek family-owned business, cultivating and producing olive products. The estate is found in the mountains, a 400-acre land in Messocambos area, overlooking the famous town of Messolonghi and the lagoon, a Natura 2000 protected wetland. Extra virgin olive oil, green olive oil, olive pomace oil, olives of all sizes, olive paste as well as natural sea salt, from foam to coarse. Products of the Aetolian land for high quality living. Kakkavos Estate (pronounced /kΆː/ ka/ vos) took its name by the beautiful bird partridge which thrives in the area. We can also find the name kàkkavos mentioned by the Greek poet Homer in his texts to which he referred to as the “big cooking pot”. The salt in the brine we use comes from the Messolonghi lagoon, the same salt that we also supply and export. Kakkavos Estate exports and supplies businesses and households all around the world. Visit now our e-shop and secure for yourself quality products at wholesale prices.