Kakkavos Estate (pronounced Ká-ka-vos) took its name by the beautiful bird partridge which thrives in the area. We can also find the name kàkkavos mentioned by the greek poet Homer in his texts and referred as the “big cooking pot”.


The 400 acres estate is located in the area called Mesòkambos (meaning: in the middle of plain), part of the historical Sacred City of Missolonghi which is well known from Lords’ Byron poetry as also its famous sea lake, surrounded by the Ionian sea.

Olive oil
The estate produces olive oil of the highest quality and characteristics under the constant supervision of agronomists to make sure that the results are always the best and we can be proud of it. As a wholesaler company we export our products globally giving our clients the ability for pre-harvest orders. We named our olive oil “ΖΩ” which means “I am alive” and we thought it was the best way to describe this magnificent product.

Kàkkavos estate produces Kalamàta olives in all sizes -from colossal to bullets- free from any tree diseases because of its stony grounds. The enviroment, close to the sea gives to the olives their unique character and taste.

Our worlds famous salt -also called the white treasure- comes from the sea lake of Missolonghi with the natural method of evaporation under the sun, and the minimum process to give the best taste to your recipes. Missolonghi produces the 90% of the Greek production and we are proud to export this product around the world.